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clouds ; photographed by hanmii
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I asked him if it was because of the bible (he’s christian), but he never replied. I can tell this is annoying you so I will stop now. Thanks.

p;lease omg ur not annoying me im just not in a good mood tonight sorry im so sorry

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   So is there like anyway at all you could find out what my url is? Because I found my health teachers tumblr (she's pretty tumblr famous) and I want to slide into her ask

nope not that i know of!

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   And then he tried to make me understand by misquoting Nietzsche

u dont need him anyway man its okay!!!<3

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   But he said he was gay and I'm confused

oh shit

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   Apparently she makes him happy

maybe u and him just weren’t meant to be???? u will make tonnes of other ppl happy without him babe dont worry

Sep 1 23:57
   He "found someone else"

yeah just like u can find someone else 100000x better man!!!

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   I just got dumped. I'm really fucking sad. Advice?

i bet ur too good for whoever dumped u !!!! they just cant see what theyre missing out on!!! dont feel sad im here for u if u need to talk :-)) i think u should go eat some chocolate bc it makes me feel better when im sad  remember ily<3

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u should all listen to the courteeners right this minute they are v good and underrated

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   A little elephant stumbles into your ask box, holding a small letter in his mouth. He hands the note to you, "I love you, you are a wonderful, loved person." Pass it on to the first 10 people on your dash anonymously.

thank u so much awwww <3

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   wait..did your brother really steal your DS for drug

he sells all my stuff for drug money 

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{ crotch in face }

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"but officer they were fucking with my clique"

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